This is the home page for normalize, an audio file volume normalizer.

normalize is a tool for adjusting the volume of audio files to a standard level. This is useful for things like creating mixed CD's and mp3 collections, where different recording levels on different albums can cause the volume to vary greatly from song to song.

Source download:

Download the latest version (0.7.7) here:

Older versions:, 0.6.1, 0.5.2, 0.4.1, 0.3.4

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Send bug reports, suggestions, comments to Chris Vaill (chrisvaillatgmail)
Or, try savannah's bug tracker.

normalize is released as free software under the GPL.

See the README for more information and frequently asked questions.

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2005-09-14: Version 0.7.7 is out. This version fixes three years worth of minor bugs, but no new features have been added.

2002-09-28: I have put together a patch to xmms 1.2.7 that uses the RVA2 frame in ID3 tags (making the plugin packaged with normalize unnecessary). If you're feeling adventurous, compile your xmms with this patch, bang on it until it breaks, and send me a bug report.

2002-09-08: Version 0.7.6 is out. This version fixes a major bug with large ID3 tags, so upgrading is highly recommended. Several changes were also made to the normalize-mp3 script, including support for flac files. The binary packages have also been updated.

2002-08-26: Version 0.7.5 is out. This version fixes several minor bugs, mostly in the normalize-mp3 script. Version 0.8 is currently in the works, and will have lots of new features, including Ogg Vorbis support.

2002-05-23: Version 0.7.4 is out. This version fixes several bugs, but contains no new features. Upgrading is recommended, especially for non-intel platforms.

2002-04-07: Version 0.7.3 is out. This version contains fixes for a bug that caused normalize to segfault on certain unusual mp3 files.

2002-02-18: Version 0.7.2 is out. This version contains fixes for a bug that caused "normalize -bn" to print the incorrect volume adjustment on the last line. Also, most of the binary packages are updated.

2002-02-16: The 0.7.1 rpm was broken. If you've gotten failed dependencies when trying to install the 0.7.1-1 rpm, try the new 0.7.1-2 rpm.

2002-02-10: Version 0.7.1 is out. This version contains fixes for several bugs found in 0.7, and a new improved normalize-mp3 script. The script now supports batch and mix modes.

2002-01-14: Version 0.7 is out. This version contains lots of new features, including support for volume adjustment tags on MP3 files, libaudiofile support, and an XMMS plugin. Updated binary packages are forthcoming.